The Timeless Art

There are many ways to attract consumers to purchase products, for example, price, advertising, word of mouth, branding, etc. However, before attracting customers to consume, the important things that companies have to achieve are finding the right purchasers, aiming at the correct market and using precise strategies and methods to analyze and promote their products.

Brand Overview

Di'Oro Joyeros is a  jewellery company specialising in engagement rings, wedding rings, custom jewellery, customized gifts and specialized accessories  for other memorable occasions.  They are also an important re-seller of luxury brands from third parties distributors.


 Di'Oro joyeros  used a differentiated targeting strategy which means that they divided their collections into five series which include engagement rings, wedding rings, custom jewellery,  specialized accessorie and worldwide recognised luxury brands. The different models are for customers with different demands.  And for those who like to collect special design and limited quantity models, the Specialities series must be the first choice.

Signs of Success: Double the Revenue in a Down Economy

“ZNAB Communication took our original logo and modernized it, recreating with it a jaw-dropping campaign that demands attention from whoever sees it. And the growth of our business is largely due in part to this branding, and their marketing efforts.”

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